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babyhobo iron-on patches

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about the patches

babyhobo's unique iron-on patches are printed onto special cotton that can be ironed onto pretty much any piece of natural fibre.


here's how to apply a babyhobo patch to your clothing:

1. open the envelope and pull out your babyhobo patch
2. smile because it's just what you've always wanted
3. get your ironing board and iron out
4. set your iron to as hot as it goes, and switch off the steam

5. give the destination clothing a quick iron, making sure it's wrinkle-free
6. carefully peel the blue backing off your babyhobo patch
7. lay your babyhobo patch out where you want it to go on your clothing

8. gently lay the iron on top of the patch, moving it smoothly over the whole thing for a few seconds
9. keep moving the iron, but now push down really hard, making sure every bit of the patch has had both pressure and heat (tip: use the heel of the iron on the edges to make sure they're good and stuck down)

10. switch off the iron and relax - it's all done!

caring for your adorned clothing

• babyhobo iron-on patches are pretty sturdy, and can be washed in the washing machine - I'd suggest sticking to 30 or 40 degrees, although my toddler's got a few t-shirts that have been through at 60 degrees and are still absolutely fine.
• don't put them in the tumble drier, let them feel the natural breeze.
• they benefit from an iron every now and then - simply repeat step 9 above.

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